WARNING: Don't even think about buying your home with anyone else until you've read about our SMART BUYER PROGRAM

The 5 essentials reasons why you should hire a Real Estate agent when you look to buy a home :
1) Probably the best reason ever: BECAUSE IT'S FREE !
2) Your agent knows what to look for when viewing houses and knows the local real estate market
3) Your agent will coordinate showings
4) Your agent will help you to NEGOTIATE
4) Your agent will write the contract


Why would I hire StreetSmart Realty more than anyone else ?


- We will provide you a FREE professionnal home evaluation report under 24 hours for you to be sure about the worth of the home you're interested in.

- We will pay you up to $1,000.00 at the closing table if you If we show you 6 properties or less and you decide to write an offer and your offer gets accepted:

  • Buying price $250,000 and higher gets you $1,000.00 at the closing

  • Buying price $200,000 to $249,999 gets you $500.00 at the closing

  • Buying price $100,000 to $199,999 gets you $350.00 at the closing

- We have a full trustable network we can refer you if you need: Cheapest property management company of the area, painter, contractor...
Who does this for you ?